Proud Members of The Wellness Dentistry Network

La Costa Dental Excellence has joined the Wellness Dentistry Network because we believe we can do even more for your overall health than repairing your teeth. In addition to being experts in oral health procedures and products, we now also focus on advising you on your total wellness.

Three Benefits of a Wellness-Focused Dental Practice

Now that Dr. Dankworth, Dr. Corrigan-Dankworth, Dr. Piper Dankworth, and all our staff members think of our facility as a total wellness center, how will this help you? You can expect these three benefits:

  • Consistent, objective evaluations: Our team uses standardized assessment forms to evaluate patients in seven key dental areas. We can give you an objective measure of your overall starting health and recommend treatments based on that.
  • Becoming better informed yourself: We can share high-quality informational materials with you. These can help you learn more about dental conditions and treatment options, making you more confident about what we can do for you.
  • Preventive care: We’ll work to be totally sure your oral condition isn’t negatively affecting your body. We’ll watch for indications that your bodily systems may need additional treatment.

We care about improving your quality of life. You can count on us to support your health using information, referrals, and quality dental care.

Continuous Learning for Your Health

As part of the Wellness Dentistry Network, we continuously learn the latest information about factors related to oral health and general wellness, such as:

  • Nutrition.
  • Sleep-disordered breathing.
  • Dental appearance.
  • Hydration.
  • Exercise.
  • Stress management.
  • Dietary supplements.
  • Mercury and other heavy metals.
  • Yeast management.
  • Many more.

We work to notice any health problems as they develop in our patients and catch them early. We can recommend nearby specialists you can visit for help, if needed.

A sickness in the mouth will inevitably affect other parts of the body in measurable ways. We constantly learn so we can teach you about the connections between your oral health and overall health.

Call Your Dental Wellness Center Today

Make an appointment with La Costa Dental Excellence today, with either Dr. Dankworth or Dr. Corrigan-Dankworth, for specific dental needs or to learn how to improve both your oral health and overall wellness.