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3 Point Checklist Before Your Dental Consultation in Carlsbad

dental consultation in carlsbad

Looking for a dentist because you’re losing the battle with plaque build-up, chipped teeth, tooth pain, stains, or dental cavities? At La Costa Dental Excellence, we can help you improve your oral health and dental hygiene. Today’s post offers 3 steps to take before you arrive at our office for a dental consultation in Carlsbad. The state…

Missing Teeth? 5 Things You To Know About Dentures in Carlsbad

Dentures in Carlsbad

Today, we’d like to discuss 5 important facts about restorative dentistry. If you should need a dental implant or dentures, please contact us at 760-268-9582 to schedule a consultation. 1. Dentures are not the only replacement choice for missing teeth. Dental implants used alone or in combination with a partial denture is often a superior option…

Oral Health in Carlsbad: Take a Moment to Think Before You Pierce

oral health in carlsbad

If you live in the Carlsbad area and are considering puncturing your lip or tongue, this post is for you. Patients should consider the effects of piercings on their oral health in Carlsbad before they make a decision. Infection Your mouth is full of bacteria. Any opening in the tissue carries the risk of infection.…

Gum Disease in Carlsbad: A New Reason To Eat More Fish

gum disease in carlsbad

Hello Carlsbad dental blog visitors, welcome to the La Costa Dental Excellence blog. We came across an interesting dental article on the Web MD Health News site the other day. The article is entitled ‘Fatty Fish, Nuts May Prevent Gum Disease’ by author Jennifer Warner. She explains that a recent study links diets high in polyunsaturated…

Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry in Carlsbad

Affordable Cosmetic Dentistry in carlsbad

Will your California dental insurance cover cosmetic dentistry in Carlsbad? Many people assume their dental insurance won’t cover any procedures obtained solely for cosmetic purposes. This may be true for tooth bleaching or dental bonding, however, many California dental insurance plans and supplemental plans cover orthodontia and any treatment necessary to repair damage from an injury.…

Bleaching vs Teeth Whitening in Carlsbad

Teeth Whitening In Carlsbad

Teeth whitening in Carlsbad is a popular cosmetic dental service that La Costa Dental Excellence provides in-office or through a take-home kit. Results vary, but most patients notice significant lightening that lasts up to a year. Our teeth whitening patients affirm that a whiter smile improves self-confidence and can take years of wear and discoloration…

Oral Health in Encinitas: Water Fluoridation Prevents Tooth Decay

Oral Health in Encinitas

Today’s essential message from La Costa Dental Excellence concerns fluoride and children’s oral health in Encinitas. At La Costa Dental Excellence, we have been practicing general and cosmetic dentistry in Carlsbad since 1988. When we examine a new patient for the first time, we can usually tell whether the person drank fluoride-adjusted municipal water while…


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