Don’t Put Off Your Dental Exam

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No matter how old you are, dental exams  are an important practice for keeping your smile healthy and beautiful. At La Costa Dental Excellence, we have an excellent office and warm and friendly team of professionals to make your exams something you’ll look forward to. Knowledge is Power Dental patients often delay exams because they think they […]

Keep Your Teeth Safe

Keep Your Teeth Safe, Carlsbad

There are more ways to exercise than ever before. In Carlsbad, we have personal trainers, all-purpose gyms, specialty facilities, and recreational sports. At La Costa Dental Excellence, we want to remind our patients that many activities pose a risk to teeth. Mouthguards are not just for rugby and football players. Actually, you should use mouthguards […]

Are You At Risk For Bone Recession?

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A healthy smile needs decay-free teeth and healthy gums, as well as a strong jawbone. Our teeth need a strong firm foundation to remain healthy and beautiful. At La Costa Dental Excellence, serving Encinitas, Carlsbad or San Marcos, we’ve seen a variety of issues in our patients’ jaw health. Today’s post looks at bone recession. Occasionally, […]

Know The Facts About Oral Piercings

health risks of oral piercings Carlsbad

Body piercings are a common form of self-expression seen around Encinitas. At La Costa Dental Excellence we encourage our patients to enhance their smiles in the healthiest way. Today’s post is for those who currently have an oral piercing or are considering one. Unfortunately, these piercings and the jewelry they use can lead to serious problems with not […]

What Is Oil Pulling?

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Today’s La Costa Dental Excellence dental post looks at oil pulling; an alternative practice that has been generating a lot of buzz around Carlsbad. Oil pulling has been a part of Indian Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. It is the practice of swishing oil in the mouth for up to twenty minutes to benefit […]

When Mommy Is Scared Of The Dentist

sleep dentistry Encinitas

If you are dreading some upcoming dental treatment, you may want to consider oral conscious sedation.  Sleep dentistry is perfectly safe and help relieve your dental anxiety. At La Costa Dental Excellence, we offer different levels of sedation and a choice of medication including oral analgesics, nitrous oxide, and IV sedation. When choosing a type […]