Implants vs. Bridges: Know The Facts

Attention Carlsbad Replace Your Dental Bridge Before You Lose Teeth

Hello Carlsbad visitors, welcome to La Costa Dental Excellence. Let’s talk about a traditional tooth replacement option common in Encinitas: dental bridges. While dental bridges have restored smiles for generations of individuals, they are not without drawbacks. Many people with dental bridges find it impossible to keep the small areas around and under the bridge […]

Hate your Dentures in Carlsbad?

Encinitas Dentistry Implant dentures in carlsbad

Perhaps you have heard or seen the dental industry’s advertising about dental implants. Many dentists claim that dental implant dentures in Carlsbad can change your life. Does this sound like hype or exaggeration? Let’s think about the facts about dental implant anchored dentures in Carlsbad: Chewing: An oral implant denture in Carlsbad can restore up […]

Missing Teeth? 5 Things You To Know About Dentures in Carlsbad

Dentures in Carlsbad

Today, we’d like to discuss 5 important facts about restorative dentistry. If you should need a dental implant or dentures, please contact us at 760-633-3033 to schedule a consultation. 1. Dentures are not the only replacement choice for missing teeth. Dental implants used alone or in combination with a partial denture is often a superior option […]

21st Century Tooth Replacement in Carlsbad

tooth replacement in carlsbad CA

Not everything was better back in the “good old days.” Take dentures, for instance. Dentures have been around for generations and have certainly improved the lives of thousands of people who have lost many or all of their teeth. However, Grandpa’s old-school false teeth are not the optimal tooth replacement in Carlsbad. Traditional dentures can […]

Live Better With Dental Implants

Carlsbad Implant Dentistry

Ill-fitting dentures can result in more problems than they solve. They may look better than a toothless mouth, but in practical terms they leave much to be desired. At La Costa Dental Excellence, serving Carlsbad, Encinitas, and the surrounding area, we can help with dental implants. Missing Out on Life? Implant dental procedures are enabling […]

You Have Nothing To Lose Except Loose Dentures

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Today’s dental technology has solved the trouble of aggravating loose-fitting dentures with an exceptional tooth replacement option. Instead of relying on your tongue, a weak suction, and some dental adhesive to keep false teeth in place, dental implant posts can anchor full or partial dentures. The dentures are secure enough to allow the wearer to […]