Is Malocclusion Causing Your Headache?

Carlsbad Headache Relief

Do you suffer from severe headaches? Have you tried medications, diet adjustments, and chiropractic treatment? Perhaps the cause is not stress-induced tension, food allergies, spine alignment, or eyestrain. Maybe the culprit is right under your nose. Bite misalignment or malocclusion is a fairly common abnormality yet commonly goes undetected. Nature intended the front teeth to […]

Fear-Free Dental Implants With The La Costa Dental Excellence Team

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Are you interested in getting a dental implant but have dental anxiety? Perhaps “anxiety” is putting it mildly. You may be downright terrified. Don’t give up just yet. Hear us out. Placing a dental implant is a type of oral surgery. When patients hear the word “surgery” they sometimes imagine something that is far more […]

Are You And Your Child Protected From Injury?

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How do you maintain oral health? The first things that come to mind are probably brushing, flossing, and getting regular dental cleanings. You might also list dietary factors, such as limiting sugary drinks and getting enough calcium. When most people are quizzed about preventative dental care, they rarely mention athletic mouth protection. At La Costa […]

5 Simple Ways to Avoid a Cracked Tooth in Encinitas

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A cracked tooth in Encinitas can be painful, unattractive, and pricey to repair. Today’s post in the La Costa Dental Excellence dental blog contains an easy-to-follow list of tips to keep your teeth whole and strong. 1. Don’t chew on hard substances. Mind-blowing, right? People should steer clear of ice, hard candies, hard nuts, popcorn, […]

The Ultimate Anti-Aging Treatment

Carlsbad Pediatric Dentistry tooth whitening in carlsbad

Wishing for a whiter smile but not sure how to get it? New to tooth whitening in Carlsbad? No problem! At La Costa Dental Excellence, we educate patients on the variety of teeth whitening procedures, from whitening trays to teeth bleaching to opalescence whitening. We do tooth whitening in Carlsbad every day. Toothpaste Can’t Erase All […]

Jaw Pain in Carlsbad? Suspect A Bite Problem?

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The topic of today’s post is malocclusion – literally – “bad bite”. Edward Angle, a pioneer in modern orthodontics invented the term malocclusion. Malocclusion is fairly common in the population as a whole but, fortunately, in most cases, the misalignment is so slight that it causes no issues. When you combine multiple teeth on two arches […]

Think It’s Not Necessary To Replace Missing Teeth in Carlsbad?

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Some people who lose a a few tooth question whether they should even replace it. After all, if it’s in the back of your mouth and it doesn’t show when you smile, then should you really pay to replace it? What if there are other teeth to take over the chewing functions. Why not avert […]

Missing Teeth? 5 Things You To Know About Dentures in Carlsbad

Dentures in Carlsbad

Today, we’d like to discuss 5 important facts about restorative dentistry. If you should need a dental implant or dentures, please contact us at 760-633-3033 to schedule a consultation. 1. Dentures are not the only replacement choice for missing teeth. Dental implants used alone or in combination with a partial denture is often a superior option […]

Cosmetic Dentistry in Carlsbad: A Better You

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If you’re looking for the brightest, whitest smile possible with cosmetic dentistry in Carlsbad, but insist that you want it to look natural, Dr. Stephen and Kimberly Dankworth can sit down with you and show you how to achieve it. Here at La Costa Dental Excellence we use effective, cost sensitive, cutting-edge methods and tools […]

Good Reasons To Try Cosmetic Dentistry in Carlsbad

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When was the last time you looked into the mirror? Were you totally satisfied with your smile? If the answer is “Not really,” then consider improving it with cosmetic dentistry from La Costa Dental Excellence in Carlsbad. We’ve got some very good reasons to give cosmetic dentistry a try. The first is that a little […]