Implants vs. Bridges: Know The Facts

Attention Carlsbad Replace Your Dental Bridge Before You Lose Teeth

Hello Carlsbad visitors, welcome to La Costa Dental Excellence. Let’s talk about a traditional tooth replacement option common in Encinitas: dental bridges. While dental bridges have restored smiles for generations of individuals, they are not without drawbacks. Many people with dental bridges find it impossible to keep the small areas around and under the bridge […]

Orthodontia Treats Many Dental Problems

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Hello friends! Welcome to La Costa Dental Excellence in Carlsbad. Our services include: Invisalign implant-supported dentures porcelain veneers A clean, comfortable, and inviting dental atmosphere We Serve The Encinitas Area We have been providing advanced orthodontics since 1988. In addition to our friends and neighbors in Carlsbad, we serve patients from San Marcos CA, Escondido, […]

Don’t Avoid Us! Sedation Dentistry in Carlsbad

Millions of Americans cope with dental anxiety. The mere thought of sitting down in a dentist’s chair fills them with dread. In some cases, it’s so intense they’ll avoid the dentist altogether. If this sounds at all like you, you should know that the team at La Costa Dental Excellence in Carlsbad can get you […]

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Carlsbad

Wisdom Teeth And Your Carlsbad Dentist

For most people, wisdom teeth are the last permanent teeth to come in. They usually appear in the late teens and early twenties. At La Costa Dental Excellence in Carlsbad, extracting them is a common procedure. If your wisdom teeth aren’t giving you any problems, congratulations! You’re in a small minority. For most people they […]

What Have We Done For You Lately? Oral Health in Carlsbad

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At La Costa Dental Excellence, everything we do is for the welfare of our patients. We are dedicated to delivering quality, compassionate dental care tailored to each patient’s unique needs. We know that optimum oral health is an important element of complete physical health and that dentists do more that just drill and fill” Like […]

Preventing Gum Disease: The La Costa Dental Excellence Guide

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Gum disease can be scary. At La Costa Dental Excellence in Carlsbad, we’re committed to educating and assisting patients in preventing periodontal disease, at it is formally known. If you discover you have gum disease, don’t despair. We can help. Gum Disease Symptoms Bleeding gums Swollen, tender gums Receding gums Bad breath that won’t go away […]

Sedation Dentistry In Carlsbad

Sedation Dentistry in Carlsbad

Picture the following scenario: You are stretched out in a chair at your Carlsbad dentist office holding a remote as you try to tune into your favorite California radio station. A woman clips a paper bib around your neck. Someone switches on a bright overhead light and you see latex-gloved hands moving toward your open […]