Unexplained Headaches Or Jaw Pain?

unexplained jaw pain

Malocclusion is the dental term for an incorrect relationship between your top and bottom teeth – in simple terms, a bad bite. It is something we can address at La Costa Dental Excellence in Carlsbad.

The ideal bite is when the upper teeth are slightly forward of the lower teeth. You have probably heard of “overbites” and “underbites,” but the two arches can be misaligned in other ways. Crowded teeth can also cause a bad bite, as well as the opposite situation – teeth that are too far apart.

If the malocclusion is slight, there may be no related issues. However, if it is moderate to severe, the patient is at risk for many other health issues such as difficulty chewing and speaking, headaches, hearing problems, increased decay, jaw pain, and gum disease.

The domino effect of these troubles can get pretty serious. For example, chewing difficulty can trigger ulcers and gum disease increases the risk of stroke and heart disease. Consider also how these problems can impact a patient’s emotional well-being and capacity to perform their job.

There are several effective treatments for malocclusion, including clear braces from Invisalign. But first you need a diagnosis. If you suspect that you have a misaligned bite, call us at La Costa Dental Excellence in Carlsbad to schedule a consultation. We also provide general and cosmetic dentistry.

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